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Our Facilities

Our Story

Founded in New York City in 1994, Astucci specializes in manufacturing unique custom designed eyewear cases and packaging for leading brand-name manufacturers worldwide. Our team prides itself on producing the highest quality products at competitive prices. With offices in New York, Hong Kong and Italy, our design and sales team oversee each customer’s personal needs and requests from start to finish. 


At our manufacturing facilities in China, we ensure the utmost attention to detail through our state of the art facilities and advanced technologies. Our creative and fashion forward designers from Italy, New York and Hong Kong work together with our material sourcing team in providing designs and products that are both trendy and practical. We attach great importance to versatility and accuracy in production, customisation, material sourcing and design. The Astucci factory has the highest standard of quality control and engineering, providing our clients with quality assurance commencing from initial design through to the final production.

Our Facilities

We have our own manufacturing facilities in Dongguan, China. Our facilities include our office and factory spaces working together to create a harmonious and efficient production. Our capabilities for metal, plastic, fabric and handcrafted products, enable us to produce everything from eyeglass cases, to watch boxes, to laptop bags and fashion accessories. Using state-of-the-art machinery and the latest research and technology, our factory produces the highest possible quality, without compromising the wellbeing of our employees and our earth.

Research and Development


We pride ourselves on our handcrafted talent and research in the sample room. Our dedicated team uses meticulous craftsmanship to produce each product, not stopping until it is perfect. Our sample room team and designers work together closely to come up with cutting edge new designs.

All through to the end of the product manufacturing we are committed to quality assurance and testing. Our testing room is fully equipped with the latest machinery- enabling us to test our products against heat, humidity, and harsh shipping conditions, to ensure a durable, and safe product reaches you. 

Our Community

At Astucci's manufacturing facilities, we meet all local health and environmental regulations. But we feel those are not enough- we are constantly looking for ways to make ourselves better. Just recently we've managed to cut back our glue consumption- releasing fewer toxins into the air and reducing our waste.

Our employees receive fair wages and we ensure clean and non-hazardous work environments. We offer employee advancement and growth through training programs, and language classes and even have on-site sports facilities where we hold regular friendly basketball tournaments between the divisions. 

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