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Bringing Sustainable Solutions to you

Astucci is committed to continuously researching and finding sustainable solutions. Whether it comes to our own production facilities minimizing our emissions and safely disposing of waste, or helping other brands transform their products, we believe we are all responsible for our part in the cycle. Together small steps can make a difference.

Our team will work closely with you to create the perfect packaging solution. Our in-house design team will provide you with a range of styles. Building on your existing brand aesthetic and finding your new packaging, we explain the impact of each product on the environment and aim to introduce a gentler process on the earth along the way.

Sustainability Team

Competitive Costs

Many brands have the desire to transform their packaging to sustainable but are weary of the costs. At Astucci we find a way to work with your budget and believe that money should not be an obstacle to creating a greener planet. 

Material Sourcing


Our team has spent the last year researching and experimenting with different eco-friendly materials- offering our clients recycled PET, organic fair trade cotton, Recycled PU and more. Each material conveys a different personality and feeling. We work with certified suppliers to ensure our materials meet international standards.

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