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Jewellery Boxes, Watch Boxes, Travel Pouches and More  

Our production facilities have the capability to create a myriad of packaging products for different industries. Our current projects include luxury watch and jewellery boxes, makeup and travel bags, but the possibilities are endless.

Luxury Quality

We bring the same professionalism and personal touch to our luxury goods products that we give to our eyeglass cases. State of the art stitching and leather goods facilities make it possible to provide our customers with the high-class customization they desire. 

Company Gifts 


We have the capablity of customising any of our exisiting products with your company's logo. This can make great gifts for your employees or customers!

Larger Items

Computer cases, tote bags, backpacks

We can provide a range of larger accessories, including laptop cases, tote bags, and even drawstring backpacks.

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